West End Crow Pendant Necklace

Image of West End Crow Pendant Necklace


Our neighborhood crows make the commute from the suburbs just like everyone else and spend the day in the west end of downtown, scavenging for shellfish on the beaches and keeping a watchful eye on the rest of us from the cherry trees. This picture was taken near Stanley Park.
This lovely pendant was made from Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and filled with epoxy resin. PMC consists of fine silver particles suspended in an organic binder that when fired, burns off leaving 99.9% pure silver. This medium allows you to handform and mold the object just like you would clay but leaves you with a beautiful piece of silver. We look forward to adding more PMC pendants and jewelry in the coming weeks so keep checking back!
The pendant measures 1”x.75” and comes with a 16” sterling silver chain.

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